Welcome to Burgos

Burgos is a city in northern Spain. It belongs to the region Castile and Leon.

Although this capital is well known for its freezing weather, its beauty and culture are worth a visit.

In Burgos you can enjoy a mixture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in their ancient buildings, monasteries and the magnificent cathedral. There are also modern buildings like the Human Evolution Complex, where you can find one of the most visited museums in the region.

There are lots of historical statues around the city, the main one being the one dedicated to the memory of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as "el Cid", legendary hero of the city.

Burgos local hero: El Cid

Official missions

We are preparing 24 great missions so you don't miss any spot in Burgos.

More information soon.


An interactive map with all the missions. Click on each mission to show Google Maps and Intel links.


When What
Saturday 14 October
00:00 Missions go live (expected)
Missions Map
11:00 - 13:00 Verification of completed missions + Swag pickup
Flor de Escocia bar
13:30 Group photo
Burgos Cathedral
18:00 - 20:00 Verification of completed missions + Swag pickup
Flor de Escocia bar


Burgos has an efficient bus transport network. Also, you can hire a public bike from BiciBur service.

For more info you can check the website of the local government (Ayuntamiento de Burgos): Movilidad y transporte (Mobility and Transport)


Do you like our Burgos MD logo? You can wear it in our official t-shirt. Remember it will only be available until 20th Sept so, do not wait until the last minute!

We are sorry: the period for reserving t-shirts has ended.

Mission Day Burgos T-Shirt


We are preparing free swag for all the agents attending the Mission Day, so you can have a souvenir of our city. In case you want to collaborate with a donation, we have set up a Paypal account so you can contribute in an easy, simple and safe way ☺️

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Do I have to register with Niantic for this event?

Yes, please visit the official event webpage in this link: MD Burgos. Also, you will have to register in person on site.

How long will the missions be online for?

Missions will be activated on Saturday, 14th October at 00:00. Only the missions completed on 14 October will count towards the medal.

How many missions are there and how many will I have to complete in order to get the medal?

There are 24 missions. In order to get the scanner medal, you'll have to complete a minimum of 6.

Where and when will verification take place?

On Saturday, 14th October from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00.
At Flor de Escocia bar

Are the organization team members there on the day to provide support?

Yes, they will be located at the verification points. They will also be available to chat on the day for any advice, as well as the Telegram group or privately. They can also provide advice on access for anyone that has reduced mobility.

Will there be a group photo?

Yes, it will happen on Saturday 14 October. Next to the main entrance of Burgos cathedral.

Is there a map of all the MD missions?

Yes, you can find a map in the Missions Guide section.

What if the police ask me what I’m doing?

Show them your scanner and tell them that you’re playing a game called Ingress (precursor to Pokémon). Local police has been informed and will be around in case you need any help with directions, etc... Most of them have heard what it is, if a policeman does not know what Ingress is, try going to a portal and show them about it. Don't be silly and shout about blowing up portals and please abide by the law at all times. Do not bring yourself, other players, or the game into shame by doing otherwise.